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  • "I was feeling tired and I also had high cholesterol. I wanted to eat sweets all the time. Presently, after 4 months, I feel much better, have lost 15lbs., and have more energy. I have returned to activities that I love! I feel great!"
    -Lucy Z.
  • "I was overweight, had nails that kept breaking and had high cholesterol. I was eating a lot of sugar-based items. After doing the Nutrition Response Testing Program I lost 20 pounds, stabilized my cholesterol LDL and HDLs."
    -Lori B.
  • "I was feeling very logy-tired, listless and light headed. I had shoulder stiffness, especially with movement- which was in a lot of pain. I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Now I feel like a new person! I lost over 20 lbs., have an energy which I haven’t enjoyed for some time. All my critical numbers are where they belong- I feel great!!"
    -Bruce E.
  • "I was dependent on Sudafed for my sinus headaches and stool softeners and laxatives. I had difficulty managing my diabetes and cholesterol. I had difficulty sleeping as well. Recently a blood test indicated the possibility of a kidney stone. Now my headaches are totally gone without the use of medications. I no longer need stool softeners or laxatives. My blood sugar levels have tested within the normal range for the past 6 months. My HDL and LDL levels improve. I now have a risk factor of 1/2 average. Again, all of this has been done without prescription drugs. I sleep much better at night. I was able to dissolve and pass my kidney stone without discomfort."
    -Marge C.
  • "Before I had muscular soreness, right knee stiffness, interrupted sleep, muscle cramps at night, lower bowel gas, was always hungry and had high cholesterol. I now feel less soreness in my muscles and my right knee is much better even though I have “art” living there. In May I weighed 197, when I began this program in June. I now weigh 182. My sleep is less interrupted and I have no muscle cramps at night. I’m not “always hungry” for snacks. Although when I do crave something it’s NOT sweets but salt. We are really trying to eat better. We monitor, we slip, sometimes fall but get right back up."
    -Carolyn E.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I was always tired and constantly sneezing, coughing and plagued by food allergy symptoms. Now, my allergy symptoms have greatly decreased. I used to be glued to a tissue box but now I hardly need them. I also sleep better through the night and feel more rested."
    -Cassie G.
  • "“Amazing, I have been on the program 2 weeks and my IBS has improved immensely! I am sleeping 6-8 hours a night. I have more energy and I am feeling less anxious. The gals are great and so helpful."
    -MM 10/21/15