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“I first found out about chiropractic from friends who were helped by chiropractic adjustments.  During the consultation, I also told the doctor about my dizzy spells.  I had been diagnosed as having Meniere’s disease 34 years ago by my family doctor and also by an ear, nose and throat specialist.  For the last 34 years, I have had six to eight week periods in which I could not end my head from side to side or forward without getting dizzy and falling over.  During those times, I couldn’t drive a car and had to stay in bed for days at a time until the dizziness passed.  If i wanted to move about the house, I had to crawl from room to room.  When the dizziness first came on, I would feel it in both ears.  After lying down for a couple of days, it would move into just the right ear at which time I could move about as long as I didn’t title my head.  Usually it took about six to eight weeks to overcome this, then it would come back within a few months time.  I have had an MRI, which was negative, and have been prescribed Phenegren, which was too strong for me to take.  I have been taking Dramamine for the past 34 years, but that didn’t help.  I had a hopeless, horrible feeling from all this.  Within one week, the dizziness had cleared, and I have been fine ever since.  I am no longer taking any medications, and I see the doctor only for maintenance visits.  I have recommended chiropractic care to friends.  One friend had whiplash injury years ago, and the doctors don’t know what is going on with her either.  I hope she follows through with my recommendation to see chiropractic care.”

-Marian W.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I was always tired and constantly sneezing, coughing and plagued by food allergy symptoms. Now, my allergy symptoms have greatly decreased. I used to be glued to a tissue box but now I hardly need them. I also sleep better through the night and feel more rested."
    -Cassie G.
  • "“Amazing, I have been on the program 2 weeks and my IBS has improved immensely! I am sleeping 6-8 hours a night. I have more energy and I am feeling less anxious. The gals are great and so helpful."
    -MM 10/21/15