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  • "I feel good on this eating plan – satisfied, but not too full, not sleepy, foggy, antsy, agitated, brain-foggy. No cravings."
    -M. S. Sept 2012
  • "I had migraines 3 to 4 days per week. My rheumatologist told me that being gassy was part of my fibromyalgia. It was getting worse. I am a slow started in the morning accompanied by stiffness, nausea, and have suffered with a sleep disorder for years. After more than 30 years I no longer have migraines. Gassy periods have decreased significantly. (1 to 2 times/week.) I now sleep soundly and wake up ready to start the day with no morning nausea. My overall energy level is back to when I was in my 30’s. I still have a way to go but where I am now is great!!! Thank you!!!"
    -Vickie W.
  • "I have always had an invisible aerobic wall at a max intensity training or racing (bicycles). I had also reached a ceiling with fitness level polar own index max of 45-that was 10 years ago. Now, after being on the Nutrition Response Testing program, the invisible wall is now gone and I have reached a polar own index of 51 and training has improved. Also by adjusting my diet I have lost 15 lbs."
    Ray D.
  • "I was exhausted all the time. I wanted to eat sugar and sweets all the time. There were times when I could not remember things I wanted to do. The holidays were the worst time for me. I just wanted them to be over. I did not want to go out. I just wanted to stay home. Now I can relax. I enjoyed the holidays. I enjoy going out. I do not feel exhausted all the time. I can do more after working all day and I lost weight."
    -Lorraine E.
  • "I was taking over the counter supplements. I was always tired and if I wasn’t sick I always felt like I was coming down with something. I often took a long time, sometimes weeks, to feel as if I wanted to go anywhere. I presently have more energy than I have had in a long time. I am beginning to lose some weight, which also makes me feel good. I was one who never really thought these supplements and avoiding certain foods would make that big of a difference in how I would feel but it is working. I thank you very much."
    -Lynn P.
  • "I was overweight, had nails that kept breaking and had high cholesterol. I was eating a lot of sugar-based items. After doing the Nutrition Response Testing Program I lost 20 lbs. and leveled my cholesterol LDL and HDL levels."
    -Lori B.
  • "Before I started the Nutrition Response Testing process, every time I ate I would feel pain in my lower stomach area and experience bloating that was very painful. I also had joint pain in my hips and knees and would experience headaches frequently. Since I have been in the process my stomach pain is gone. I no longer bloat after I eat and have as a result lost almost 15 pounds. The joint pain in my hips and knees are gone and the headaches are no longer as frequent."
    -Amy R.
  • "Bloating was my worst. I never knew how I would feel the next day. I was always tired after work. This would make me very stressed. My attitude would change to very cranky. Now I don’t feel bloated. I am very energetic and my stress levels decreased. I actually feel really good! I get home after, work and keep going. I have a 4 year old which I can now run around with more, without being exhausted. My husband even sees the difference in me!"
    -Irene D.
  • "I was at my highest weight ever and feeling sluggish, tired and miserable. No energy to do anything! My ankles were always swollen at the end of the day also. I was always snacking even after meals. After about 5 days of changed diet the first change was my skin felt different. I kept touching my face. The bloating was going away. Now after almost 3 months I’ve lost about 30 pounds and my ankles are normal again. Most of the aches and pains I used to experience especially when getting up after sitting awhile are gone! I don’t have urges to snack anymore. I am definitely more satisfied and less hungry."
    -Nancy N.
  • "I was feeling hungry between meals and my weight kept increasing. I would start to feel “shaky” before lunch and dinner. I would feel tired everyday around 3 pm and had to have caffeine to give me a mid-day boost of energy. Now I feel great! During the day I’m not feeling hungry, my weight has decreased by 8 lbs. in 20 days!! I have energy through the day without feeling tired and I no longer get that “shaky” feeling before meals. I am so pleased with the improvements and I highly recommend this Nutrition Response Testing to all of my family and friends. They have all noticed any improvement in my overall health!"
    -Deborah M.
  • "I was feeling sluggish and found it very difficult to shed an ounce. By sluggish I mean physically and mentally, somewhat lacking in concentration. My teeth/gums were very sensitive. Carpal tunnel symptoms were bothersome. I also woke up frequently and sometimes could not fall back to sleep easily – I averaged about 5-6 hours of sleep. After 6 weeks I’m more energized and lost approximately 5 pounds. I’m able to concentrate while reading, conversing and playing games. Mouth sensitivity is much better and I forget I’m supposed to have a “severe” case of carpal tunnel. My sleep is more restful and I get an average of 7 hours. Mentally I’m more even tempered."
    -Teddie D.
  • "I had low energy and intestinal problems before I began care. Now I have very steady energy, I feel much stronger and I have little to no bowel problems! I am very happy!"
    – M. M.
  • "I had been looking for the right purification program for a while when I was introduced to Standard Process. I immediately began the program when I saw the results a friend of mine received. The purification program changed my life. Not only my eating habits, but my energy and my confidence in myself went through the roof! It’s an amazing feeling, both physically and emotionally, when you know you’re taking care of your body. I’ve continued on Standard Process products for the past year and now understand the importance of whole food supplementation to the body."
  • "I had fatigue all the time and lack of energy. I recently had arthroscopic knee surgery for what they thought was a torn meniscus, but turned out to be an unknown cause of knee pain. I [now] have more energy throughout the day and rarely experience the afternoon fatigue/sluggishness. I’m beginning physical therapy and nutritional knee support today."
    – K.P.
  • "I was unaware of what I was eating, had a weight problem, my blood pressure was too high, and I was not sleeping well. I was up and down several times all night. I never ate protein in the morning and was sluggish.
    I [now] am very aware of my food intake and how it is affecting me. I have lost 34 pounds and my blood pressure is down. I am not perfect yet, but I am sleeping a lot better. I’m making a much stronger effort to eat protein at breakfast and am working toward coming off wheat. All in all, I feel really good [and have a] lot of energy."
  • "I felt very sluggish, no energy, depressed, just not myself at all. Taking anti-depressants didn’t seem to be enough and made me feel flat!! Now I’m beginning to feel like my old self. I have been able to stop taking antidepressants and I have more energy to get through the day. I also feel energized enough to start exercising again."
    -M. M.
  • "I was extremely tired, with no energy, lots of stomach problems and insomnia and taking two Tylenol PM every night. [Now] I feel much better, with more energy and the best thing is I sleep better with no Tylenol PM."
    -C. B.
  • "I definitely had a lack of energy and my body was just kind of sore and stiff. [Now] it’s only been a month but I can really notice a difference in how my body feels. I sleep better, I have more energy and my body feels better overall."
    –C. S.
  • "My skin needed advanced care and my energy was low. [Now] my skin is healthy without the need of antibiotics. I have much more energy due to eating much better, without gain weight."
  • "I was very tired and had poor digestion. [Now] most days I am very energetic, less sleep is required and digestion is improving."
  • "My body was tired and I had body fatigue. I was very depressed and mentally stressed out. My digestive system was complicated and irregular with frequent bleeding and bloating. [Now] I am no longer as tired and I am more energetic. My bowels are regular and I don’t feel bloated everyday. I don’t get many depressive episodes either."
  • "I was exhausted and an emotional mess. I was on increased medication for depression and was struggling to get a good night of sleep. I did not have enough energy to keep up with my two young children. [Now] I have reduced my medication and I am sleeping well. After 5 weeks I have so much more energy and overall feel like a new person. I am finding my day to day routine much easier and can be a better mother! I have so much more patience. I am looking forward to my continued improvement."
  • "I was feeling tired and overweight. Now I have lost weight while on the program , I’m eating right and I am exercising. I definitely have better energy levels."
  • "Before coming in, I was always tired and had no energy. Now, I feel alive, awake, and not tired mid-afternoon anymore. I’m holding my chiropractic adjustments longer and have more energy."
    –P. C.
  • "Before, I was lacking energy and I always felt tired. My diet consisted of low fat everything and never had breakfast. I also drank about 50 to 60 oz. of Diet Soda a day. Although, I have not had the weight loss to date I have hoped for, I feel much better. I am learning to make changes in my diet that will help with weight loss. My energy level has definitely increased and I look forward to the next 12 weeks. Overall I am very pleased with the program."
  • "Prior to coming in, I felt very sluggish and tired… ALL THE TIME. Now, I have much more energy to do everyday tasks and play with my rowdy kids."
  • "I was tired, had no energy and couldn’t lose weight. I found it hard to focus and stay on task. Now it’s better- more energy and I feel like my brain is out of the fog."
  • "I was feeling a lot of bloating and discomfort in my intestinal area, heat coming up my back, would get easily fatigued and over-stressed. In addition, I had bad sinus issues with occasional headaches and some cystitis issues. Now, I rarely have the intestinal issues. The heat has been decreasing. Overall, I am less stressed and occurs “situationally”. My energy is much improved. My cystitis issues have improved with only mild flare-ups that are most likely food-related. Headaches are less frequent as well!"
  • "Before I came in, I was irritable, had sugar cravings, felt hungry throughout the day, had low energy (was always tired) and had not menstruated in a year. Now, I have a lot more energy and sleep better at night. The hunger and sugar cravings have much improved, which has allowed me to make better choices in diet. I am VERY excited that I have started menstruating again and, the Wheat Germ Oil helped my C-Section scar pain tremendously!"
  • "I had low energy, bad allergies (headaches, stuffy head, congested ears) and difficulty finding the willpower to stay on a diet (eat right). Now, I have more energy and clarity. My head is less “fuzzy”, allergies are much improved- no more daily Zyrtec, just eye drops and an occasional over-the-counter. I am motivated to eat better and stay on a diet. The personal assessment helps to know what to avoid."
  • "Before I came in to the office, I had little energy and couldn’t lose weight. Now I have more energy and have lost weight."
  • "I had a lot of stress and fatigue, swelling and pain in my right ankle every day and frequent indigestion. Now, I have more energy, particularly in the afternoon and seldom have indigestion. I still have ankle pain and swelling (which we are working on.)"
  • "I felt tired, low energy, off and just not quite right. Now, I have way more energy. I don’t get that mid-afternoon crash anymore and I can stay up later."
  • "I was tired most days, even after a “full nights” sleep. I also had indigestion often no matter what or when I ate. Now I feel great. I sleep better at night and wake up refreshed. I have energy throughout the day without needing an afternoon “pick me up”. I also rarely have indigestion and feel better after eating healthy and nutritious meals."
  • "My energy level was at its lowest point experienced in months and my pain levels on any given day were bothersome at best. Now, I have lost some weight (at least some of my belly), and my breathing has been somewhat easier over the past couple of weeks. My energy level has been improving over the last several weeks and my pain on a daily basis only acts up occasionally."
  • "I had trouble sleeping, uncomfortable periods, thyroid problems, fluctuating weight and an overall feeling of being tired all the time. Now my sleep has improved, I no longer have painful periods, my thyroids is working normally and I have lost weight. I also have more energy and my mind is clear."
  • "Before I came in, I had no energy, I had anxiety and I was emotional. I just wanted to get healthy, feel better and have more energy. Now, I have more energy and it really helped my emotions. I can tell a big difference when I don’t eat sugars. I love eating right and how it makes a big difference in the way I feel."
  • "Before I came in, I was lacking energy, I had trouble focusing and no stamina. Since I started the program, I feel much better. I feel like normal and I am able to get through the day without fatigue and foggy headedness"
  • "Before the program, I wasn’t very energetic and I had frequent headaches. Now, I am able to run further distances and my strength level is higher. My headaches are also not as frequent."
  • "Before the program, I was tired, I had no energy and I was not eating right. Now, I’m not so tired and I have increased energy. I’m eating healthier, drinking less alcohol and I can say that overall, my habits have improved dramatically."
  • "I had an unbalanced diet, night-time hot flashes, I was moody, lacked energy, not alert, irregular sleep pattern, stinky feet and was overweight. Now, the diet is on track, I’m alert, energy has increased and on average,
    I feel good. The foot odor seems to have decreased and the weight has been going down."
  • "Before the program, I was tired all the time and I had difficulty sleeping. I also had terrible cravings for sugar. Now, I have more energy and the quality of sleep has improved. Now that I have greatly reduced sugar from my diet I do not crave it as I once did."
  • "I was feeling tired and needed a nap most days as I felt like I hit a wall around 3:00. I have much more energy and no longer hit the afternoon slump. It is comforting to me that I am using the nutrition my body wants and not using a hit or miss method."
  • "I was tired and very thirsty all the time. Sometimes, I had trouble sleeping.
    Now, my previous constant thirst is not a problem. I am sleeping better and I find that I get sick less often than before."
  • "I feel more energetic and my headaches are not as often as they were."
  • "I have much more energy now. I no longer need naps. I have more patience. While I have some stomach irritation that I didn’t have before, I feel certain that my body is simply addressing/ taking care of additional problems and it will heal itself. My neck and back pain are much better, although, it still flames up now and then."
  • "I had low energy and a dull look to my skin and hair. My eating habits were not good and had acid stomach issues. Energy level has greatly improved. I have more color in my skin and hair seems to be growing in somewhat thicker. I don’t need OTC for acid."
  • "What a sad state of affairs! I was not sleeping well at all. I wasn’t eating, very fatigued, totally depressed with major mood swings. I wanted to stay in bed but had to get up for the kids. I am much better now! Not perfect, but continue to improve. I sleep longer. I eat more, although most of the time I have to remind myself to eat. I am definitely in a better mood and have more energy. I still have moments or days with anxiety but getting better."
  • "I was sluggish and tired all the time. My moods were up and down daily. I was having a hard time loosing weight and had feelings of depression. Now, my moods are better and I was able to loose a little weight. I was having trouble with digestion but now I am not. Overall, I feel better everyday and am happy to educate others on how great I feel."
  • "“I had low energy and I was not sleeping more than 6 hours per night. Now I’m sleeping 7-8 hours per night and I have plenty of energy!"
    – S.E
  • "So far, these sessions have helped me notice more energy in my body and mind everyday, as well as keeping me calm and clear-minded."
  • "I hadn’t even realized my energy level had gone down! Now, I have more energy and my outlook has become more positive in general."
  • "I was always tired and didn’t have any energy. Now my energy has increased and I even feel healthier."
  • "I had bad acne along with pent up energy in my knees and neck. I was always tired and didn’t have a period. I now have increased energy that flows evenly through my body and my acne has cleared up."


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I was always tired and constantly sneezing, coughing and plagued by food allergy symptoms. Now, my allergy symptoms have greatly decreased. I used to be glued to a tissue box but now I hardly need them. I also sleep better through the night and feel more rested."
    -Cassie G.
  • "“Amazing, I have been on the program 2 weeks and my IBS has improved immensely! I am sleeping 6-8 hours a night. I have more energy and I am feeling less anxious. The gals are great and so helpful."
    -MM 10/21/15